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"Tense" is an English version of the Latin word "tempus" meaning time. The tense of a verb shows the time and the degree of completeness of an action or event.

There are three main type of tenses.
  1. Present
  2. Past
  3. Future

And each main tense has four different forms.
  1. Indefinite
  2. Continuous
  3. Perfect
  4. Perfect continuous
When an action is mentioned simply and nothing definite is said about the completeness or incompleteness of the action, it is said to be in the indefinite tense.
When an action is mentioned as still going on, it is said to be in the continuous tense.
When an action is mentioned as finished, complete or perfect, it is said to be in the perfect tense.
Perfect continuous
When an action is mentioned as going on continuously and still continuing at the moment of speaking, it is said to be perfect continuous tense.

In total there are twelve kinds of tenses.
  1. Present indefinite tense
  2. Present continuous tense
  3. Present perfect tense
  4. Present perfect continuous tense
  5. Past indefinite tense
  6. Past continuous tense
  7. Past perfect tense
  8. Past perfect continuous tense
  9. Future indefinite tense
  10. Future continuous tense
  11. Future perfect tense
  12. Future perfect continuous tense
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